• I missed my mum when I had children in Japan. When I took my one month old for his first check up at the maternity clinic, other mums with their babies born the same day [...]
  • Soon after moving to Japan, I confessed to a good friend how hard it was for me to find time to pray. Not only was I a new mom learning to cope with the excitement [...]


  • “Church planting is the most effective means of evangelism under the sun.” I first heard this statement 25 years ago at the inaugural JEMA Church Planting Institute (CPI). Is this true? If so, how should [...]
  • Of all the gems, minerals, and precious metals of the world, nothing compares with the iridescent glow of Akoya pearls. With no cutting, chipping, or polishing needed to bring out its natural beauty, these perfectly [...]


  • While talking with a Buddhist man about God’s creation, I said to him, “Look at that bottle of water in your hand. Do you think the plastic just happened to be that shape? What about [...]
  • “Marriage is all about finding the partner of our dreams, a storybook wedding, and living happily ever after.” How do you feel about that statement? You’ve probably already discovered it isn’t true. And yet society continues to [...]