• The spark that started a fire in my heart for Japan and her people was a three-week visit to Japan in 2007 in my mid-fifties. This included a week in Sapporo with my Franco-German choir, [...]
  • “Clark-san, how come you speak some Japanese but don’t know any kanji?” I remember well my Japanese teacher’s question in 2001. And her tone! It was a whole lot closer to “What’s wrong with you?” [...]


  • For the last seven years, I have been heavily involved in Tokyo’s underground music scene performing regularly, collaborating with different artists, and organising many events. In that environment, I have sought to be salt and [...]
  • Summer had been difficult—support had been low for months, allowing for little margin. Then Bobby came down with a fever and spots. Soon Ricky had the chicken pox, too. Just as they were getting better, [...]


  • One of my close friends is a lesbian. A few years ago, I never would have thought I would write that sentence. I have been following Jesus for most of my adult life, serving him [...]
  • Tablets and smart phones are powerful platforms for language learning. Here are some of my favourite iOS apps for studying Japanese. Most of them are free, while a couple cost very little. Japanese (free, by [...]