• I was standing on the sideline of our kids’ soccer field, chatting with a bilingual friend, when another Japanese mum we hadn’t seen for a while came over to chat. It all seemed ordinary enough. [...]
  • Today my kids and I read a story in Luke 17. Some lepers, ten in fact, are crying out to him—praying to him—for mercy. Jesus responds with a command, “Go and show yourselves to the [...]


  • At the age of 25, Masako Tanaka left her job as a personal care assistant and moved to New Zealand. It was around that time that the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and she [...]
  • When we walked in, everything looked and felt like a Japanese church. About 30 people in four rows of chairs facing the pulpit and a few were speaking Japanese. Almost everyone looked to be of [...]


  • For a long time, Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) has been looking for new and creative ways to share the gospel. We live in a day of changing environments both on and off [...]
  • Animated, even heated, discussions can erupt when missionaries talk about why they take long or short home assignments. How long you go on home assignment depends on why you take one. Other important factors include [...]