• Two missionaries had high blood pressure,” I reported, “because they ate instant noodles every day.” My husband nodded gravely. “What else did you learn?” I recited the alliteration of doom that befalls some missionaries: “depression, [...]
  • Many of my younger clients lament that they are not as thin, smart, or popular as others. In spite of the fact that comparing themselves with others makes them miserable, they find it hard to [...]


  • Do you remember the children’s story about the Little Engine that had to fill in for the broken-down Big Engine? The train was full of Christmas toys for children on the other side of the [...]
  • It’s hard to put me in a box. I was born to Japanese parents and grew up in Japan, but I’m not a Japanese national. I pastor a church in Takarazuka-city, Hyogo Prefecture, but I’m [...]


  • Being a slow reader and owning more books than I could possibly hope to read in a lifetime (over 7,250 at last count), I hardly ever reread a book. But one book I have read [...]
  • In this wide-ranging book on Japanese religiosity, Lewis explores why Japanese people act in a religious way, based on what people say about their attitudes and experiences. In his review of the first edition (1993), [...]