• In the summer of 2016, 71 years after the end of the Pacific War, If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands̨—the Little-known Story Behind the Well-known Song, aired on Japanese TV (NHK [...]
  • Of the various lessons I’ve learnt during the three years I’ve been in Japan, the biggest one has been about spiritual warfare. In particular, I have been surprised by how real and how normal it [...]


  • There are 7.41 million people registered with some sort of disability in Japan—roughly 6% of the population.1 But how many do you see on a daily basis? When I first came to Japan with OMF, [...]
  • Funeral Pastors Squad (Otomurai Bokushitai) is an NPO which connects volunteer pastors and unbelieving Japanese households for the funeral of a family member. It is an alternative to the Buddhist monks who have taken a [...]


  • I‌t’s the little words that are surprising. The ones with very short dictionary entries that pop up casually in daily life. The simple nouns that seem so concrete and guileless. Those are the words that [...]
  • When we consider the relationship between learning Japanese and the gospel, we tend to think that language learning is merely a necessary step for sharing the gospel with people in their heart language. But the [...]