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  • C‌hristmas and Easter can be difficult seasons for singles. They can also be times filled with expectation, worship, and joy in the Lord. Many variables influence whether a season is joyful or painful: one’s background, [...]
  • Phillip Keller wrote this about the sea’s edge: Every time I approach the cliff top and hear the muted sounds of the sea at work on the beach below, a thrill of anticipation – eager, [...]


  • Each stage of language and culture acquisition has its own challenges. Probably the greatest battle in the early stages is against the feeling of being overwhelmed and discouraged. The goal of fluency can seem very [...]
  • By Atsuyoshi Fujiwara (Pickwick Publications, 2012). 105 pp. Atsuyoshi Fujiwara, professor of theology at Seigakuin University and founding pastor of Covenant of Grace Church in Tokyo, looks at the relationship of Christ and the church [...]