• I received a lot of advice from others, both while preparing to come to Japan as a missionary and after arriving. Although much of it was helpful, I discovered that many people harbored prejudices against [...]
  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable reading the book of Acts? Or felt that the first Christians in Acts set the bar a little too high? Did Jesus really mean what he said in Mark 16, [...]


  • One of the most encouraging activities in the church planting training sessions run by the Church Planting Institute is when participants are asked why they are engaged in church planting. The answers are varied, but [...]
  • On Nov. 23, 1891, 15 young missionaries arrived in Yokohama from the United States: six men and nine women. The youngest was 19 years old, and the oldest was 35. Most were in their late [...]


  • There were a number of factors involved in my coming to trust in Christ. Key ones would be family, church youth group, and ultimate frisbee. You may not have heard of ultimate frisbee—it’s a sport. [...]
  • By Rico Tice (The Good Book Company, 2015). 105 pp. Rico Tice, associate minister at All Souls, Langham Place, London, and founder of Christianity Explored Ministries, has written a book that will help every believer [...]