• As we missionaries come to the end of a term and reflect on its ups and downs, we often wonder whether it has been a good term and if we have been successful. My wife [...]
  • Two missionaries had high blood pressure,” I reported, “because they ate instant noodles every day.” My husband nodded gravely. “What else did you learn?” I recited the alliteration of doom that befalls some missionaries: “depression, [...]


  • I had a deep desire to share the gospel with Japanese people when I arrived in Japan in 1951 at the age of 20. I met Phyllis, who was also with the same mission, about [...]
  • In the autumn of 2013 I attended a mission training retreat with Dr. Duane Elmer, consultant to numerous multinational organizations including Ford Motor Company, World Vision, Salvation Army, Red Cross, and various churches and mission agencies. [...]


  • When we consider the relationship between learning Japanese and the gospel, we tend to think that language learning is merely a necessary step for sharing the gospel with people in their heart language. But the [...]
  • Each spring, my family goes through the grueling process of sorting through mountains of clothes. We pack away last season’s clothes, get out the next season’s, figure out what fits and what doesn’t, and then [...]