• I was born in Fukuoka of missionary parents in 1948, but I brought my family to Japan for the first time as an adult in 1974. After two years in Sasebo—teaching English in a college, [...]
  • It’s special for women in ministry to take a break from family and ministry responsibilities and gather for a time of teaching, fellowship, fun and rest. Space and freedom to share our stories, joys, pains, [...]


  • In the aftermath of the Second World War, Tokyo’s Waseda University didn’t have enough classrooms. The university decided to ease the problem by holding lessons on Sundays. A handful of Christian students opposed the move, [...]
  • This article introduces Toyohiko Kagawa (1888-1960) and the work of the Friends of Jesus, a parachurch group founded in 1921. Kagawa was born in Kobe to a wealthy merchant-bureaucrat and his geisha second wife. His [...]


  • E‌arly every Saturday morning around 100 people gather in Yoyogi Park for worship. Most of them are not even believers yet. Many hear the good news for the first time. Regardless of the weather they [...]
  • Leaders have vision. With the recent death of Apple business leader Steve Jobs, many have talked about his visionary leadership. Talk to anyone about leadership today and one important topic that arises is leadership vision. [...]