• The room was bright, clean, and cozy. Outside the window, flowers bloomed in pots. To me this is a little bit of heaven, and to the residents this is a safe home. This is a [...]
  • Many of my younger clients lament that they are not as thin, smart, or popular as others. In spite of the fact that comparing themselves with others makes them miserable, they find it hard to [...]


  • A‌bout to embark on my ninth trip to Japan, I was assailed by the same questions from my family and friends as I prepared to leave them once again: Why Japan? Do you think you [...]
  • On Nov. 23, 1891, 15 young missionaries arrived in Yokohama from the United States: six men and nine women. The youngest was 19 years old, and the oldest was 35. Most were in their late [...]


  • Home assignments involve transitions and consequently they are often stressful. But before our first home assignment, we attended a two-week pre-home assignment workshop run by OMF International, which encouraged, inspired and helped us to prepare. [...]
  • In this series of articles I have been highlighting characteristics I discovered during my doctoral research of Japanese leaders who are reproducing churches. The first article revealed that there are many reproducing churches in Japan. The [...]