• Looking back to when my husband ‌and I first felt ‌called to the mission field of Japan some 25 years ago, I’m struck by how little we knew. We were young and maybe a bit [...]
  • Hartline Literary Agency, 2017 When I was asked to review these books, I was very interested. I love fiction (more than half my library is fiction). And the author, Karol Whaley, had been a missionary [...]


  • R‌evival—how I love the energy of this word. Revival denotes bringing back to life, awakening, and seeing fresh life poured into something that may be tired and sleepy. In the context of church, I believe [...]
  • In the aftermath of the Second World War, Tokyo’s Waseda University didn’t have enough classrooms. The university decided to ease the problem by holding lessons on Sundays. A handful of Christian students opposed the move, [...]


  • Do you know the statistics of how many Christian leaders finish well? Only one in three.1 And this research done among thousands of Christian leaders has shown that there is a direct correlation between Christian [...]
  • I‌t is our joy to introduce Oiwai Gospel House (御岩居ゴスペルハウス)—Tokyo’s newest retreat house (to open in early 2019). Located on the Tama River in beautiful Ome (Tokyo), Oiwai Gospel House will be a place of [...]