Creation evangelism in Japan

I was tremendously encouraged in 2014 when I saw a first-hand demonstration of what had happened after Naha Baptist Church (NBC) in Okinawa began to use creation evangelism teaching. Eleven years before, I had visited the […]

Spiritual Life

Blessings in the mail

Summer had been difficult—support had been low for months, allowing for little margin. Then Bobby came down with a fever and spots. Soon Ricky had the chicken pox, too. Just as they were getting better, […]


Theology of culture in a Japanese context

Atsuyoshi Fujiwara, professor of theology at Seigakuin University and founding pastor of Covenant of Grace Church in Tokyo, looks at the relationship of Christ and the church to culture in this excellent work, part of […]


Japanese evangelical theology

Much that has been written by Japanese theologians is only available in Japanese. As English translations become available, JEMA Japan Harvest Online hopes to be able to direct those interested in contemporary evangelical Japanese theology to Web sites, books, and […]



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