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Preparing for home assignment

May 31, 2015 Gary Bauman 0

“Home assignment,” “home service,” “furlough,” or some other name: for most missionaries, periodic visits to their support base for face-to-face contact are a reality of life. Do we approach this portion of our missionary ministry […]

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Short or long?

May 30, 2015 Wendy Marshall 0

Animated, even heated, discussions can erupt when missionaries talk about why they take long or short home assignments. How long you go on home assignment depends on why you take one. Other important factors include […]

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No man is an island

May 30, 2015 Susan Driscoll 0

No man is an island.” You may think of the poem, song or film when you hear this phrase, but have you ever stopped to consider it? Do you think it is true? In my […]

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A RAFT to end well

May 30, 2015 Peter Dallman 0

Home assignments involve transitions and consequently they are often stressful. But before our first home assignment, we attended a two-week pre-home assignment workshop run by OMF International, which encouraged, inspired and helped us to prepare. […]