Gospel-inspired language learning

When we consider the relationship between learning Japanese and the gospel, we tend to think that language learning is merely a necessary step for sharing the gospel with people in their heart language. But the […]


Lessons I’m learning in Japan

I have been in Japan for some time now, but pray that I will remain malleable in the hands of the Holy Spirit and always open to learning and change. I want to keep asking […]


Karuizawa: the end of an era

In August 2016, Karuizawa’s missionary language school officially closed, signaling the conclusion of a colorful chapter in Japan’s missionary history. In the summer of 1886, Canadian missionary Alexander Shaw climbed up the 1,200 meter Usui […]


Zoe Japan

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KGK celebrates its 70th anniversary

In the aftermath of the Second World War, Tokyo’s Waseda University didn’t have enough classrooms. The university decided to ease the problem by holding lessons on Sundays. A handful of Christian students opposed the move, […]


Parachurch organizations partnering with local churches

E‌ighteen hundred towns and villages in Japan have no church, and increasingly, established churches are declining. Parachurch organizations can speed the process of establishing churches in unchurched areas and help revitalize outreach in areas with […]


Japan’s parachurch pioneers

This article introduces Toyohiko Kagawa (1888-1960) and the work of the Friends of Jesus, a parachurch group founded in 1921. Kagawa was born in Kobe to a wealthy merchant-bureaucrat and his geisha second wife. His […]