The Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA) is composed of over forty Japan-based member missions and their personnel, other missionaries and tentmakers who have joined as individual members, and individuals and organizations outside Japan who are interested in reaching Japanese people for Christ. JEMA networks and equips its nearly 1000 members to make disciples of Jesus Christ through its commissions, representatives, publications, and endorsed ministries.

The Japan Harvest print magazine is the official publication of JEMA. Japan Harvest Online is a digital supplement to the print magazine, making some articles publicly available online, providing longer versions of some articles, and providing access to past issues to members and subscribers.

Issue number one of what would become today’s magazine was a newsletter first published in April 1951, entitled E.M.A.J.* News. Japan Harvest primarily promotes the cause of the evangelical church in Japan, and secondarily the ministry and activities of the association.

* Evangelical Missionary Association of Japan