Take time to listen

March 18, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

When I do premarital counseling, I tell couples to listen, listen, listen to each other. In Japanese, I write kiku, the verb for listen, three different ways, きく、聞く、聴く. In hiragana, kiku has a soft feel. […]

Modern Tech

Live broadcasting

March 14, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 1

These days, anyone with an Internet connection can broadcast live to the world. Here, I share some live broadcasting resources you can use to impact Japan with the gospel. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are […]


Prayer letter inspiration

March 11, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Google “writing inspiration” and you’ll get millions of suggestions. Finding inspiration can be a problem even for full-time writers. So here are some ideas for next time you don’t know where to start on your […]


The benefits of giving thanks

March 7, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Paul exhorts us to “in everything give thanks” (1 Thess. 5:18 NASB). Here, I consider some of the benefits that can flow to us through following this exhortation. Dispelling negative emotions Being thankful can sweep […]

Spiritual Life

Why don’t we pray?

March 3, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

I’m sure we have all gone through periods when we don’t pray that much. That doesn’t mean we don’t pray at all, but sometimes our prayer life can become a meaningless round of perfunctory platitudes. […]

New Voices

Spiritual warfare in Japan

February 26, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Of the various lessons I’ve learnt during the three years I’ve been in Japan, the biggest one has been about spiritual warfare. In particular, I have been surprised by how real and how normal it […]


Marrying non-believers

February 21, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

“I’m going to get married!” My wife and I rejoice with them at the happy news. But when we enquire who the lucky man is, we discover he’s not a Christian. This scene has been […]

Member Care

Community is vital

February 18, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

“I want so much to belong. Sometimes I think I kind of belong and then I realize that I really don’t belong. The scary thing for me is that I don’t belong in America. I […]


Connecting people of all ages

February 18, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

At the age of 25, Masako Tanaka left her job as a personal care assistant and moved to New Zealand. It was around that time that the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, and she […]