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Review of the Shinkaiyaku 2017

Coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a completely revised version of the Shinkaiyaku, a popular Japanese translation of the Bible, was published by Word of Life Press in the autumn of 2017. Named […]


Short-term teams are valuable

We consider short-term teams a great asset for the work of the Lord in Japan and other nations. Short-term teams assist with evangelism in many locations including parks, railway stations, and college campuses as well […]


Survey on short-term missions

To find out about JEMA members’ experiences of short-term missions (STMs)—both as participants and as hosts—I conducted an email survey in December 2017. The response was excellent: 80 people (thank you to everyone who completed […]

Short Term

Short-term prayer teams

“O‌ur prayer team is here and Christians in U.K. are praying because Japan is on God’s heart.” With these words, team leader Angelo Lebrato encouraged the members of the 2015 UK Prayer Team, which came […]

Short Term

Lessons I have learned

Scenario: Your church or mission wants to send a short-term worker or team this summer and they have asked you to be in charge. How do you approach this big task? You know that hosting […]

Short Term

Short-term missions: moving forward

You’ve probably seen a kid’s show where the cartoon character is skiing, but then clumsily falls and begins to tumble down the slope. As the character rolls down the mountainside, they become enveloped in an […]

Short Term

Three values to help teams thrive

“A‌s you prepare for the ministry, I would like to share some key attitudes that can be used by God to greatly minister to the Japanese church and people: 伝道スピリット (dendo supiritto): spirit of and […]

Short Term

A 25-year tapestry

A‌bout to embark on my ninth trip to Japan, I was assailed by the same questions from my family and friends as I prepared to leave them once again: Why Japan? Do you think you […]


Take time to listen

When I do premarital counseling, I tell couples to listen, listen, listen to each other. In Japanese, I write kiku, the verb for listen, three different ways, きく、聞く、聴く. In hiragana, kiku has a soft feel. […]