Independent, not self reliant

February 18, 2017 Elena Kua 0

Two missionaries had high blood pressure,” I reported, “because they ate instant noodles every day.” My husband nodded gravely. “What else did you learn?” I recited the alliteration of doom that befalls some missionaries: “depression, […]


Foundation builders

September 16, 2014 Administrator 0

On Nov. 23, 1891, 15 young missionaries arrived in Yokohama from the United States: six men and nine women. The youngest was 19 years old, and the oldest was 35. Most were in their late […]


Five ways to build bridges for the gospel

July 30, 2014 Gary Bauman 0

In the autumn of 2013 I attended a mission training retreat with Dr. Duane Elmer, consultant to numerous multinational organizations including Ford Motor Company, World Vision, Salvation Army, Red Cross, and various churches and mission agencies. […]


Celebrating Japanese culture

July 13, 2014 Simon Pleasants 0

Along with the many deprivations missionaries endure in seeking to reach people in a different culture and country, they also enjoy many side benefits. For example, missionaries to Fiji can enjoy luxuriant jungles and stunning […]