Daily Life

A role in God’s movie

February 12, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

I was standing on the sideline of our kids’ soccer field, chatting with a bilingual friend, when another Japanese mum we hadn’t seen for a while came over to chat. It all seemed ordinary enough. […]

Daily Life

Stop waiting—start celebrating

February 8, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

C‌hristmas and Easter can be difficult seasons for singles. They can also be times filled with expectation, worship, and joy in the Lord. Many variables influence whether a season is joyful or painful: one’s background, […]

Daily Life

Our unusual education journey

January 31, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 3

A‌s a child, I feared changing schools ‌and losing my friends. It was an irrational fear as my father was a farmer and it was very unlikely that we would move away from our family […]

Daily Life

Eight family rituals you can do

January 29, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

One of my joys is finding unique ways to celebrate people I love, such as making a special cake for friends, organizing surprise parties, or planning wacky practical jokes. This interest plays out in my family. […]

Daily Life

Help. Thanks. Wow.

January 24, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Soon after moving to Japan, I confessed to a good friend how hard it was for me to find time to pray. Not only was I a new mom learning to cope with the excitement […]

Daily Life

Something precious

January 22, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Many years ago, when our two oldest children were preparing to return to boarding school for the start of a new term, I plucked up the courage to enter the “forbidden zone,” our kids’ playroom. […]

Daily Life

Taming your inbox

November 16, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Email has been around since the ‘70s. At first, its use was limited to the military and other professionals, but today billions of users send billions of emails every day. I have more email accounts […]

Daily Life

Protecting the privacy of others

November 10, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

I’ve gotten myself in trouble a couple of times by not respecting people’s privacy online. On social media and even in emails it’s easy to make mistakes we later deeply regret. Have you considered how […]

Daily Life

Seeing beyond the stereotypes

October 26, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 1

I received a lot of advice from others, both while preparing to come to Japan as a missionary and after arriving. Although much of it was helpful, I discovered that many people harbored prejudices against […]