Daily Life

Gift-giving in Japan

September 19, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

As a child, I had heard tales of Hudson Taylor “going native” by wearing Chinese clothes and even a pigtail. That brings up an important question: how much should we as missionaries comply with the […]


The importance of face in Japan

June 2, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

The importance of showing face I remember attending my first pastors’ retreat 36 years ago in Hokkaido with JECA pastors and OMF missionaries. My Japanese was limited, the topics challenging, and I floundered. While enjoying […]


Independent, not self reliant

February 18, 2017 Elena Kua 0

Two missionaries had high blood pressure,” I reported, “because they ate instant noodles every day.” My husband nodded gravely. “What else did you learn?” I recited the alliteration of doom that befalls some missionaries: “depression, […]

Daily Life

Doing mission when you’re not a missionary

February 18, 2017 Ruth Cooper 0

As a pastor’s kid, I grew up listening to missionaries ‌by the boatload. They were the super Christians— translating the Bible, preaching to the masses, and saving the savages. Although (typically) badly dressed and over-enthusiastic […]