The benefits of working together

February 19, 2017 Juan Navarro 0

B‌efore coming to Japan as a tent‌maker, I prayed and asked for advice from several pastors and missionaries. All of them advised me to get a job in Japan, so I could earn my own […]


Transforming the hikikomori

October 20, 2014 Koichi Hirano 0

In September 2013, a group of 31 Japanese people flew to Los Angeles, California for a two-week road trip. One 15-passenger van and two 8-passenger mini-vans caravanned together for the 6,000-mile trip, journeying around the […]


Creation evangelism in Japan

August 21, 2014 Don Batten 0

I was tremendously encouraged in 2014 when I saw a first-hand demonstration of what had happened after Naha Baptist Church (NBC) in Okinawa began to use creation evangelism teaching. Eleven years before, I had visited the […]


How God counts

April 11, 2014 Mike McGinty 0

Counting Bowls. . . Grabbing a quick lunch in Iwate before boarding the bullet train bound for Tokyo, I watched a waitress hover over one particular customer, rapidly slamming bowls of soba noodles down in […]