Japan’s parachurch pioneers

August 6, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

This article introduces Toyohiko Kagawa (1888-1960) and the work of the Friends of Jesus, a parachurch group founded in 1921. Kagawa was born in Kobe to a wealthy merchant-bureaucrat and his geisha second wife. His […]


Sidewalk Chapel

July 26, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 1

E‌arly every Saturday morning around 100 people gather in Yoyogi Park for worship. Most of them are not even believers yet. Many hear the good news for the first time. Regardless of the weather they […]


Evangelism Explosion in Japan

July 23, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

One night, in our quiet neighborhood in Shiga prefecture, a Peruvian woman knocked on our door. “I’m looking for spiritual peace,” she said. “Can you help?” Over the next hour, I watched in amazement as […]


Building bridges to spiritual topics

July 4, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Famous names from Christian history like Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, and Wycliffe are widely known in the West, even among non-believers. For some, these names even evoke strong emotional responses. In Japanese culture a different […]


Serving at-risk migrants

May 24, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

The room was bright, clean, and cozy. Outside the window, flowers bloomed in pots. To me this is a little bit of heaven, and to the residents this is a safe home. This is a […]


Christ + love + dance

May 22, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Connecting with people was one of Jesus Christ’s greatest missions on earth. He came to die for our sins and reconnect us to God, and he left us with the power to do the same […]


Opening up to a hidden community

May 19, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

“Wow!” my Deaf* friend said, clearly amazed after a disability workshop. “I never realized that people with disabilities were also discriminated against. I thought it was just us Deaf.” This is her world. “People with disabilities” and […]


Learning to love like Jesus

May 15, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

One of my close friends is a lesbian. A few years ago, I never would have thought I would write that sentence. I have been following Jesus for most of my adult life, serving him […]


Delivering the love of Jesus

May 14, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Thirty-two years ago, my husband Leon and I came to Japan as missionaries. We were young and childless. After much thought and prayer, we decided to pursue adoption. As we talked with the adoption counsellor […]