Ministry as a young mum

January 17, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 0

I missed my mum when I had children in Japan. When I took my one month old for his first check up at the maternity clinic, other mums with their babies born the same day […]


God speaks through stories

October 10, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

When was the last time you heard a good story? For me, it was probably a powerful missionary biography I have just finished reading. I’ve been influenced by many missionary biographies and love hearing the […]


Sufficient grace

October 1, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

I ‌am not the kind of person you would expect to become a missionary. I do not have a gift for learning languages, I do not love trying different kinds of unusual foreign food, and […]


What does your faith mean to you?

September 28, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

‌“What does your faith mean to you?” The young Japanese man sitting next to me showed me this question on his cell phone. I wasn’t in a Bible study or a philosophy class; I wasn’t […]


Connecting with the community

September 15, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Dance team The Yosakoi Sōran Festival is a week-long team dance competition in June in Sapporo. Over 200 sponsored and non-sponsored teams of anything from 40 to 200 members, dressed in colourful and unique costumes, […]


Japan’s parachurch pioneers

August 6, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

This article introduces Toyohiko Kagawa (1888-1960) and the work of the Friends of Jesus, a parachurch group founded in 1921. Kagawa was born in Kobe to a wealthy merchant-bureaucrat and his geisha second wife. His […]


Sidewalk Chapel

July 26, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 1

E‌arly every Saturday morning around 100 people gather in Yoyogi Park for worship. Most of them are not even believers yet. Many hear the good news for the first time. Regardless of the weather they […]


Evangelism Explosion in Japan

July 23, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

One night, in our quiet neighborhood in Shiga prefecture, a Peruvian woman knocked on our door. “I’m looking for spiritual peace,” she said. “Can you help?” Over the next hour, I watched in amazement as […]


Building bridges to spiritual topics

July 4, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Famous names from Christian history like Augustine, Luther, Calvin, Wesley, and Wycliffe are widely known in the West, even among non-believers. For some, these names even evoke strong emotional responses. In Japanese culture a different […]