Christ + love + dance

May 22, 2017 Administrator 0

Connecting with people was one of Jesus Christ’s greatest missions on earth. He came to die for our sins and reconnect us to God, and he left us with the power to do the same […]


Opening up to a hidden community

May 19, 2017 Administrator 0

“Wow!” my Deaf* friend said, clearly amazed after a disability workshop. “I never realized that people with disabilities were also discriminated against. I thought it was just us Deaf.” This is her world. “People with disabilities” and […]


The benefits of working together

February 19, 2017 Juan Navarro 0

B‌efore coming to Japan as a tent‌maker, I prayed and asked for advice from several pastors and missionaries. All of them advised me to get a job in Japan, so I could earn my own […]


Transforming the hikikomori

October 20, 2014 Koichi Hirano 0

In September 2013, a group of 31 Japanese people flew to Los Angeles, California for a two-week road trip. One 15-passenger van and two 8-passenger mini-vans caravanned together for the 6,000-mile trip, journeying around the […]


Creation evangelism in Japan

August 21, 2014 Don Batten 0

I was tremendously encouraged in 2014 when I saw a first-hand demonstration of what had happened after Naha Baptist Church (NBC) in Okinawa began to use creation evangelism teaching. Eleven years before, I had visited the […]


How God counts

April 11, 2014 Mike McGinty 0

Counting Bowls. . . Grabbing a quick lunch in Iwate before boarding the bullet train bound for Tokyo, I watched a waitress hover over one particular customer, rapidly slamming bowls of soba noodles down in […]