Dare we risk healing prayer?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable reading the book of Acts? Or felt that the first Christians in Acts set the bar a little too high? Did Jesus really mean what he said in Mark 16, […]


Why do you write prayer letters?

Our first answer to the question of why we write prayer letters might be: because our mission said we have to. Maybe we write because we want to thank people for supporting us or to […]


The benefits of giving thanks

Paul exhorts us to “in everything give thanks” (1 Thess. 5:18 NASB). Here, I consider some of the benefits that can flow to us through following this exhortation. Dispelling negative emotions Being thankful can sweep […]


Results of the 2017 JEMA communications survey

In February and March 2017, JEMA’s Communications Commission conducted a survey to assess the JEMA community’s current communication and publication interests. It paralleled the one we conducted from February to May 2012, as we wanted […]


Sufficient grace

I ‌am not the kind of person you would expect to become a missionary. I do not have a gift for learning languages, I do not love trying different kinds of unusual foreign food, and […]


Editing your work

What do you think of when you hear the word “editing”? After you’ve written something, do you check it over? That’s editing. Many people think of editing as just checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar, but […]


Three kinds of missionaries

I’m thankful for the day I met “Bun” in Japan. For more than 20 years I traveled to his apartment every week to read the Bible—all of the New Testament and some of the Old. […]


Two decades of family ministry in Japan

“Your broadcast saved our marriage.” “We had no idea how to be parents until we read your book.” “I never understood God’s plan for gender until we attended your seminar.” These are some of the […]