Modern Tech

Live broadcasting

March 14, 2018 JAPAN HARVEST 1

These days, anyone with an Internet connection can broadcast live to the world. Here, I share some live broadcasting resources you can use to impact Japan with the gospel. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are […]

Modern Tech

There’s an app for that

September 13, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

I remember when our family got its first portable phone: it was like carrying a brick around in a purse. The phone also only had one function—to make calls. This came in handy, though, if […]

Modern Tech

Spring cleaning your computer

June 13, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Each spring, my family goes through the grueling process of sorting through mountains of clothes. We pack away last season’s clothes, get out the next season’s, figure out what fits and what doesn’t, and then […]

Modern Tech

My favourite language apps

May 26, 2017 JAPAN HARVEST 0

Tablets and smart phones are powerful platforms for language learning. Here are some of my favourite iOS apps for studying Japanese. Most of them are free, while a couple cost very little. Japanese (free, by […]