Christ + love + dance

May 22, 2017 Administrator 0

Connecting with people was one of Jesus Christ’s greatest missions on earth. He came to die for our sins and reconnect us to God, and he left us with the power to do the same […]


Learning to love like Jesus

May 15, 2017 Administrator 0

One of my close friends is a lesbian. A few years ago, I never would have thought I would write that sentence. I have been following Jesus for most of my adult life, serving him […]


Delivering the love of Jesus

May 14, 2017 Administrator 0

Thirty-two years ago, my husband Leon and I came to Japan as missionaries. We were young and childless. After much thought and prayer, we decided to pursue adoption. As we talked with the adoption counsellor […]


Sports ministry

May 12, 2017 Administrator 0

There were a number of factors involved in my coming to trust in Christ. Key ones would be family, church youth group, and ultimate frisbee. You may not have heard of ultimate frisbee—it’s a sport. […]


Children of the outcastes

May 11, 2017 Administrator 0

My wife Karen and I first learned about burakumin—descendants of Japanese outcastes—in 1994, while praying through Operation World. Two years later, I retired from the US Marines, and we began a trip through western Japan […]


Ministering to the homeless

May 10, 2017 Administrator 0

Homeless people are a hidden minority group in Japan. They are found everywhere, but are frequently not acknowledged. While the number of homeless people appears to be decreasing (the government seems to be assisting as […]


Modern-day slavery in Japan

March 18, 2017 Administrator 0

Long after the abolition of slavery in countries around the world, human trafficking, the modern version of slavery, is becoming internationally widespread. According to a 2016 estimate by Walk Free, an Australian-based human rights advocacy […]