Bridge-building among Latinos in Japan

When we walked in, everything looked and felt like a Japanese church. About 30 people in four rows of chairs facing the pulpit and a few were speaking Japanese. Almost everyone looked to be of […]


JEMA adopts new constitution

After years of discussion and multiple drafts, JEMA’s member mission delegates to the 2017 Plenary Council on February 20 unanimously adopted a new JEMA constitution. The document reflects a new era and provides flexibility to allow […]

Member Care

Launch of new JEMA member care initiative

Alan and Judy Steier of Barnabas International (a JEMA-endorsed ministry) were our primary presenters February 21 and 22 at JEMA Connect 2017.  Barnabas International is dedicated to “Shepherding the Hearts of Global Workers” in over 100 […]


Bringing the gospel to Toda city

The second Toda City Mission Forum was held at Nishikawaguchi Baptist Church (Japan Baptist Convention/Nihon Baputesuto Renmei) on July 31, 2016. Pastors and church members from four churches in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, gathered in […]


Survival of rural churches in Japan

On July 5–6, 2016, the 17th Symposium Evangelism in Rural Areas—Self-Sustainability and Solidarity took place at Kitami Megumi Christ Church (Kitami, Hokkaido). It was hosted by the Kita Kantō Shingaku Kenshū Center (North Kantō Theological […]


Overcoming the chain of hatred and vengeance

A special NHK program, Futari no Shokuzai Nihon to America—Nikushimi o Koete (The Atonement of Two—Japan and America—Moving Past Hate), was broadcast August 15, the Japanese end-of-the-war memorial day. The program revealed a fascinating true story […]