Japan Missions Research: First Annual Report

In the Summer 2015 issue of Japan Harvest, we published excerpts from the first annual report by Japan Missions Research (JMR), a new Japanese organization founded upon the legacy of the Church Information Service (CIS). As a supplement to the report in the print magazine, you may also view a more detailed PDF excerpt.

The first page of the the report summarizes the objectives and results of JMR’s first year of existence:

One year has passed since we started as Japan Missions Research (JMR). We are thankful that we can now present our first annual research report.

JMR was founded with the objective of “exploring the best practices of the Christian church in today’s Japan through working in partnership with churches, organizations, and individuals engaged in missions in Japan; analyzing and researching the statistics of churches and missions in Japan; and providing radical and practical proposals regarding the imminent issues facing churches in Japan.” As a fledgling organization, we humbly present a report of our research on the following two topics during the first year.

1. Statistics of Christian churches in Japan in 2013
2. Statistics of missionaries from overseas to Japan

In regard to the second topic, we are greatly indebted to Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA). We thank JEMA for their extensive assistance in our research.

We sent surveys to each of the mission organizations listed in the 2014 JEMA Directory. We received responses from 32% of the organizations, which represent 37% of the total number of missionaries to whom we sent a survey request. As it is, we regret that our research was less than thorough, and that the data we gathered does not precisely represent the overall picture of missionaries in Japan. We hope, however, that this report is indicative to some extent of missionary statistics in Japan.

Yoichi Yamaguchi, Director
Hatsuo Shibata, Researcher
Yukio Hanazono, Researcher