Book Reviews

The Sky Blue series

Hartline Literary Agency, 2017 When I was asked to review these books, I was very interested. I love fiction (more than half my library is fiction). And the author, Karol Whaley, had been a missionary […]

Short Term

Short-term prayer teams

“O‌ur prayer team is here and Christians in U.K. are praying because Japan is on God’s heart.” With these words, team leader Angelo Lebrato encouraged the members of the 2015 UK Prayer Team, which came […]

Short Term

Three values to help teams thrive

“A‌s you prepare for the ministry, I would like to share some key attitudes that can be used by God to greatly minister to the Japanese church and people: 伝道スピリット (dendo supiritto): spirit of and […]


Why don’t we pray?

I’m sure we have all gone through periods when we don’t pray that much. That doesn’t mean we don’t pray at all, but sometimes our prayer life can become a meaningless round of perfunctory platitudes. […]

New Voices

Spiritual warfare in Japan

Of the various lessons I’ve learnt during the three years I’ve been in Japan, the biggest one has been about spiritual warfare. In particular, I have been surprised by how real and how normal it […]

Member Care

Community is vital

“I want so much to belong. Sometimes I think I kind of belong and then I realize that I really don’t belong. The scary thing for me is that I don’t belong in America. I […]

Daily Life

A role in God’s movie

I was standing on the sideline of our kids’ soccer field, chatting with a bilingual friend, when another Japanese mum we hadn’t seen for a while came over to chat. It all seemed ordinary enough. […]

Daily Life

Our unusual education journey

A‌s a child, I feared changing schools ‌and losing my friends. It was an irrational fear as my father was a farmer and it was very unlikely that we would move away from our family […]

Daily Life

Help. Thanks. Wow.

Soon after moving to Japan, I confessed to a good friend how hard it was for me to find time to pray. Not only was I a new mom learning to cope with the excitement […]

Daily Life

Something precious

Many years ago, when our two oldest children were preparing to return to boarding school for the start of a new term, I plucked up the courage to enter the “forbidden zone,” our kids’ playroom. […]