Daily Life

Are you a lifelong learner?

While getting my hair cut recently, I glanced at my stamp card (only six more times and I’ll get a ¥500 discount!). It had two kanji I’d never seen before, so I looked them up. […]

Spiritual Life

Renewal and finishing well

Do you know the statistics of how many Christian leaders finish well? Only one in three.1 And this research done among thousands of Christian leaders has shown that there is a direct correlation between Christian […]

Member Care

Restoring health and spirituality through sleep

Practical advice for achieving a good night’s sleep Disclaimer: I am not a doctor; this is not medical advice. Did you know you can be drunk without drinking any alcohol? Professor at Harvard Medical School, […]

Member Care

Blocking burnout, building resilience

What do we mean by burnout and resilience? Burnout: Exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation. (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th ed.) Resilience: A process of positive change in and through adversity, relying on God’s […]


The Japanese Mind

Being a slow reader and owning more books than I could possibly hope to read in a lifetime (over 7,250 at last count), I hardly ever reread a book. But one book I have read […]


Stories develop cultural understanding

When my family and I were working towards coming to Japan, I heard other soon-to-be missionaries talking about their prayer letters. They wanted to write about their country of service in a way that caused […]

Member Care

Boundaries: surviving cross-cultural life

Boundaries… are conscious and healthy ways to protect ourselves from emotional harm.1 Cross-cultural ministry has been defined as “the mission of God [that] seeks to enfold people of every nation, tribe, and language into God’s […]


Looking for a purpose . . . or maybe not

“How do I justify my existence? What’s the meaning of life?” These questions haunted me for as long as I can remember and eventually, when I was in my early 20s, drove me to the […]


Conducting weddings in Japan

A common saying in Japan is that one goes to a Shinto shrine after being born, gets married in a Christian ceremony, and is given a Buddhist funeral when one dies. Traditionally, about a month after […]


Bumping into tomodachi

I‌t’s the little words that are surprising. The ones with very short dictionary entries that pop up casually in daily life. The simple nouns that seem so concrete and guileless. Those are the words that […]