Learn spoken Japanese through manga

Manga are great reading material for Japanese learners. For a start, the illustrations aid comprehension. Often you can roughly infer what is being said just by looking at the illustrations, and you can glean the […]

Modern Tech

Youth church dropouts: What can we do?

Have you ever handed your phone to one of your children to get their help doing something? Youth absorb technical information like sponges. They watch a few hours of online tutorials and in no time […]


Church revival by CPR

The term “church renewal” or “church revitalization” implies that the church is not functioning as it ought to, just like a building in need of renewal is probably no longer meeting people’s needs. For example, […]

Member Care

Introducing Oiwai Gospel House

I‌t is our joy to introduce Oiwai Gospel House (御岩居ゴスペルハウス)—Tokyo’s newest retreat house (to open in early 2019). Located on the Tama River in beautiful Ome (Tokyo), Oiwai Gospel House will be a place of […]

Member Care

Building resilience in children

A‌ commonly held belief about child rearing, especially among those raising children cross-culturally, is that children are naturally resilient. But after hearing one sad childhood experience after another in my counseling office, particularly from ex-pat […]

Daily Life

Are you a lifelong learner?

While getting my hair cut recently, I glanced at my stamp card (only six more times and I’ll get a ¥500 discount!). It had two kanji I’d never seen before, so I looked them up. […]

Spiritual Life

Renewal and finishing well

Do you know the statistics of how many Christian leaders finish well? Only one in three.1 And this research done among thousands of Christian leaders has shown that there is a direct correlation between Christian […]

Member Care

Restoring health and spirituality through sleep

Practical advice for achieving a good night’s sleep Disclaimer: I am not a doctor; this is not medical advice. Did you know you can be drunk without drinking any alcohol? Professor at Harvard Medical School, […]

Member Care

Blocking burnout, building resilience

What do we mean by burnout and resilience? Burnout: Exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation. (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th ed.) Resilience: A process of positive change in and through adversity, relying on God’s […]


The Japanese Mind

Being a slow reader and owning more books than I could possibly hope to read in a lifetime (over 7,250 at last count), I hardly ever reread a book. But one book I have read […]