Rethinking evangelistic events

We’d done it again—the church was packed with people from our local community, many of whom had probably never stepped inside a church before. But come Sunday, only the regular churchgoers were in the morning […]


Boost your Japanese grammar

To communicate effectively, you need both vocabulary and grammar; words without grammar are incoherent, while grammar without words lacks content. Grammatical structures provide the framework needed for stringing words together in meaningful ways. Because words […]


Suspense in your writing

I’m a non-fiction writer. Yet I love to read fiction—mystery, suspense, and thriller are among my favourite genres. I’m not alone in this, judging from how many bestselling books fall into these categories. Suspense is […]

Daily Life

Build mental strength

I often associate mental strength with athletes. Athletes develop disciplined minds to push their bodies to perform at high levels. But what if being mentally strong could help the average person in their everyday life? […]

Daily Life

Saving money on cell phones in Japan

Whether you have just arrived in Japan or are a seasoned cell phone user here, getting connected can be a daunting task. There is a plethora of cell phone providers with different prices, plans, and […]


Reaching the 99% through Christian education

Christian schools are among the most visible Christian ministries in Japan today, with over 100 Protestant establishments ranging from elementary schools to universities. Just in higher education, about 10% of Japanese college students attend a […]


Equipping churches to build community

Loneliness and hopelessness are rampant in our world. Many are looking for love, seeking to feel welcomed and needed by someone else, or simply looking for a better life. Those looking to harm others can […]


Working together in writing

As an editor, I work with a lot of people. When preparing articles for each issue of the print edition of Japan Harvest magazine (the original source of these online articles), I work with up […]