Working together in writing

As an editor, I work with a lot of people. When preparing articles for each issue of the print edition of Japan Harvest magazine (the original source of these online articles), I work with up […]

Daily Life

The secrets of happy people

Happiness is one of the most elusive of emotions. David G. Myers believes that there is no foolproof way to be happy, but he suggests we can learn the following lessons by studying happy people.1 […]

Modern Tech

Wi-Fi cameras for home security

The history of public surveillance cameras in Japan is fairly short. “In 2002, Tokyo police introduced their first street surveillance camera in the Kabukicho entertainment district of Shinjuku Ward, as a deterrent against crime. Soon, […]


How, or even—should we contextualise the gospel?

Until I recently embarked on some study related to contextualisation, I hadn’t realised that there was debate surrounding whether it was a good thing or not. I naively presumed that considering the context you are […]


Bring celebration into your community

When a major sporting event comes to a country, the whole nation wants to celebrate. The Rugby World Cup later this year and Tokyo Olympics 2020 gift the church across Japan with unique opportunities. Japanese […]


Welcoming returnees home

A‌t age 28, Hiromi Sōma became a Christian while living in England for a year. Hiromi was delighted that her deeper questions about life had been answered, but was unprepared for what lay ahead. A […]


Three key cultural dynamics – part two

In my previous article,1 I noted three dynamics that shape Japanese people and influence their behaviour: group identity, deference, and shame. Here, I consider how these dynamics influence Japanese living abroad and returnees and note implications […]


Taking the baton

Running the race M‌y primary goal in running junior high track was to be chosen to run in the Drake Relays, a major event held at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I would be […]