Spiritual Life

How can we seek revival?

Phillip Keller wrote this about the sea’s edge: Every time I approach the cliff top and hear the muted sounds of the sea at work on the beach below, a thrill of anticipation – eager, […]


Funeral pastors

Funeral Pastors Squad (Otomurai Bokushitai) is an NPO which connects volunteer pastors and unbelieving Japanese households for the funeral of a family member. It is an alternative to the Buddhist monks who have taken a […]


A vision for subcultural contextualisation

For the last seven years, I have been heavily involved in Tokyo’s underground music scene performing regularly, collaborating with different artists, and organising many events. In that environment, I have sought to be salt and […]

Short Term

Life-changing internship

Between my second and third year of seminary (in St. Louis, Missouri, US) I was given the opportunity to go to Japan for a foreign mission internship. I was seeking the Lord as to how […]