Spiritual Life

Pearls and the people of God

Of all the gems, minerals, and precious metals of the world, nothing compares with the iridescent glow of Akoya pearls. With no cutting, chipping, or polishing needed to bring out its natural beauty, these perfectly […]

Church Planting

The priority of proactive church planting

“Church planting is the most effective means of evangelism under the sun.” I first heard this statement 25 years ago at the inaugural JEMA Church Planting Institute (CPI). Is this true? If so, how should […]


I will build my church

One of the most encouraging activities in the church planting training sessions run by the Church Planting Institute is when participants are asked why they are engaged in church planting. The answers are varied, but […]


Tokyo church planting in teams: two case studies

With the “less than one percent Christian” statistic haunting missionary work in Japan for decades, we are continually reminded that the greatest days for the Church in Japan still lie ahead. Timothy Keller believes that […]